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Students wearing MAGA gear disciplined, others allowed to dress in drag

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It was spirit day with a “party in the USA” theme at Perry High School, but when a group of enthusiastic students wore MAGA apparel and carried a Trump flag, the principal said they were being disruptive – and some were later disciplined.

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Two students from Perry High School wearing MAGA gear and holding a Trump flag.

Perry High School Principal Dan Serrano is in hot water for apparently targeting the students because of their political attire. The story began to emerge when Jennifer Farris, mother of one of the students involved, posted her account of the incident to Facebook.

In her post Farris claimed that a group of students wearing Make America Great Again apparel were told to leave school property by administrators. When they refused, she claimed, the students were suspended for 10 days.

Jennifer Farris claimed the suspended for ten days.

Serrano responded by defending his actions in an email sent to parents of the school (and later posted to the school’s twitter account), which he said was an attempt to clear up miscommunication circulating on social media.

In the email Serrano claimed the students were not targeted for their political attire, but rather, that their attire and signage had caused a disruption and “created a safety concern.” He also noted that federal privacy laws prevented him from providing more details about the circumstances.

However, Farris contradicted some of Serrano’s version of events when she released video, obtained by AZ Central, which showed Serrano saying “to carry a flag around is not a good use of a flag. It’s disrespectful.” When pressed by Farris about the absurdity of his implication that carrying around a Trump flag was somehow disrespectful, Serrano ultimately instructed her to leave the campus.

Interestingly, our investigation uncovered a photograph taken several days before the incident during a “dress like your mom” spirit day, where Serrano was pictured with male students who dressed in drag. Apparently he did not find this behavior disruptive, but MAGA gear is where he draws the line.

Principal Dan Serrano, center, with male students dressed in drag for another spirit day.

As for Jennifer Farris, she has said she is seeking a public apology from Serrano and other school officials. No word yet on whether that will happen, but it doesn’t seem likely at this stage. When we tweeted about the irony of some students being allowed to dress in drag, we were promptly blocked by the school’s Twitter account.

We were blocked by the school’s Twitter account.

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