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Security Forces Neutralize Somali Pirates in Gun Fight During Hijacking Attempt

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Somali Pirates seeking to commandeer an oil tanker in the Indian Ocean were in for a surprise when they were met with armed private security forces who had been hired to protect the ships passengers and cargo.

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The event begins as a speed boat carrying an estimated eight to twelve pirates hums across the vast empty ocean towards the tanker. The security forces, clearly aware of the approaching skiff, settle into their positions with barrels locked on the pirates.

The commander of the security forces orders them to fire a warning shot, after which several shots are heard and seen hitting a few feet from the skiff. Instead of a last minute decision to turn around, the pirates push forward and are met with a blaze of gunfire. The pirate’s vessel slams into the side of the tanker as a hail of bullets erupts.

The skiff briefly goes out of view and reemerges floating in circles (and likely with many casualties onboard) behind the tanker. A few more tense moments are had as another skiff is seen approaching in the distance. After a few warning shots, the captain of that skiff wisely decides to keep a safe distance from the tanker.

According to DailyMail the battle took place in in 2012, though the video was recently uploaded on April 20, 2017. Since then the video has gone viral racking up nearly 12 million views at the time of this writing.

Few other details of the skirmish are yet known. However, it appears that in this case, cargo and human lives were successfully defended without the need for government intervention.

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